Simmy, Mirror of my soul!

She is a mirror of my soul.

She was dropped back at the wrong location after BBMP spayed her. On the very first day of arriving near the home, she became friends with my furry tribe and she walked with us and all other pets near my home.

11 pm in April 2017 Simmy was 1.5 years. My dogs started howling. Unusual for me, they never did that before. I went out like a zombie. Trying to figure out. Simmy was on my door. Without left hind leg. I beg so many neighbors to help me to take her to the hospital no one came. I called the auto wala. He came immediately (god bless him). it was past 12.

We went to Hebbel hospital, Rajaji Nagar, Yelahanka no one treated her. Finally, we went to Cessna Domlur, it was 2 am. (I fainted the moment she was attended, on the table next to her after an hour when I woke up, doctors made fun of me 😝) Her amputation was done. She was back home after 3 weeks. 

I and one more neighbour. Begs her to stay in our home. She refused. The day she came back, I was drinking alone and sad, thinking, at last, she will not run behind my bike anymore and the same midnight sad drunk and disappointed with humanity I started my bike to get cigarettes. Simmy chased my bike, I stopped my bike scolded her and she kissed me wagging her tail, as usual, wearing big bandage without one leg. 

I cried out loud but this was happy tears. She restored my faith in the power of the spirit. She made me realize what really means to be alive. 

I will never be suicidal again. I will never be depressed again. Today she still lives outside of my gate. (No wonder I am unable to change this rental house) Strong wild female spirit. Refused to be domesticated. Refused to give up on the way she has chosen to live her life.


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