Animals in Indian cities and their relationship with human

According to data made available by BBMP, there are 3,09,972 dogs are living on the streets of Bangalore.

I commute every day from outer ring road here in Bangalore, and occasionally I see dogs dead bodies being crushed by the vehicles of the people who are running to live by clocks. I have three furry babies of mine. They have friends and their friends are my friends too. These dogs of my life are literal medicine of mine from human hopelessness. I have seen 8 years old female Golden retriever, whose nipples ware swollen small ball like nipples, the dog was used for breeding, she was reduced to puppy production machine from being a dog. The dog was just another tool for making money. It’s horrible hell out there for the one who is not privileged and the animals are being subjected to violence and malevolence and no one will ever be held accountable for it. Despite all the judiciary restrictions and laws. But then they are a lot of people like me who care for animals, people who are friends with street animals, people who help an animal in a crisis situation are also subjected to hate and violence from the other people who don’t want animals to be in the neighborhood.

India is not safe for people who are not rich, People with power can get away with violating the fundamental human rights of others. Now Imagine the condition of street animals, who mostly reside among the suppressed human population ( Poor and lower-middle-class community)

Let me tell you about my experience being a friend of a few street dogs:

She was sleeping at her usual place when a fast running cab passed and in a blink, it took away her leg along. (Cab came rushing to her, in a second time her hind leg was missing) It was night time, government hospital was shut, charity clinics denied to treat her, I had to take her private hospital and I was broke. It was a time I cried for lost loved ones, I cried for everything I did not have.

Terminally Ill but happy. Old but Playfull street dog, I feed him ones in a day, People have called me mental, stupid, bitch when I tried to protect him or help him. Group of man, with sticks and stones, came home to inform me – why they have to beat up a 4-month old puppy.

I wanted to fight but I had to make them understand, humbly and legally! I had to take up the fight for the puppy. In the scarcity of the horror become alive when Something pathologically wrong I have to confront I really can’t trust them – my heart knows – this malevolent approach exist and in fact, it is commonly practiced.

Indie Adhar takes into consideration, the human limitation and challenges people encounter while caring for the animals in the not so animal-friendly society.

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